When I Wake
Calgary, Alberta

“When I wake, I meet myself again, a new me from yesterday, and a different me from tomorrow, but all a part of me.”

When I Wake is a series of 3 photos highlighting a snapshot of morning moments with myself, contemplating my body’s state, the sensation, and my relationship to it in my waking moments.


Process in Pieces
Calgary, Alberta

The Gem is a piece that was made as part of an Intuitive Painting series. It explores the ways in which art making can be done free of associations, parameters, and rules in order to let the thoughts, feelings or emotions of the maker to come through. On a blank canvas, I explored experimental feeling-based marking making, letting the brush lead me, and working the paint until the piece felt done. Additionally, the exercise explored how to sense when a piece is finished or not, figuring out if it feels incomplete or if it has been overworked.

Oil on Canvas, Process-based Painting Method

Becoming One
Tsawwassen, British Columbia

Set at Centennial Beach in Tsawwassen, British Columbia, Becoming One is a performance and site-specific installation. This piece explored the process of walking liminal boundaries and finding oneself in relation to space, becoming one with it. In this, I moved from the sandy beachside, over the rocky shores, down into the ocean during low tide, moving and experiencing space in new intimate ways. Elements of the location (i.e., the sand, the rocks, the driftwood, and the water) were installed in the gallery as a platform to view the film, giving audience members a sense of the ocean's location.

Becoming One - FULL VIDEO HERE Performance, Film, Installation 

Lex Hilderman
Calgary, Alberta