Calgary, Alberta

Interiors is a documention series of my gender expression through the clothing, shoes, and accessories I wore daily over a week period. I took photos of the clothing while placed on a chair to give the impression that a body was inhabiting them. It was important to me to document them off of my body as a way to neutralize the stigmas surrounding my own body that was assigned female at birth. In addition to this, I participated in daily journaling that reflected on my experience each day, describing the ways I felt inside throughout the day and the thoughts that occupied in my mind surrounding my gender identity.

Photography Series

The Well-Trodden Path
Calgary, Alberta

In Fashion and the Well-Trodden Path (2021), Hilderman explores the ways in which the fashion industry employs the normalization of the gender binary and how the images used in its advertising continue to reinforce the compulsivity of heteronormative spaces in society. Through a ten-part photo series, they bring forward a discussion of the gendered expectations and values enforced upon both male- and female-presenting bodies. They highlight that it is not until we "fail" to maintain this binary or deviate from this "well-trodden path" that we break through and bring the binary into question. Hilderman's work brings forward a questioning of the heteronormative system in society and a neutralization of its dichotomy in gender through a blurring of the lines between the so-called "opposing" entities. Their work suggests a new orientation, that of gender along a spectrum, and how this can be represented within the fashion industry.

Using the models of both Erving Goffman (1985) and Mee-Eun Kang (1997) these standardized scripts were analyzed through 2021 fashion campaigns.

Well-Trodden Path - FULL PROJECT HERE

Through Space
Richmond, British Columbia

The Garden City lands in Richmond BC. have become known as a “no man’s land” after many attempts to redevelop the space, with few trails going across the acre of wetland and swamp. Through Space explores the function of signage and the impact of unconventional signage for moving through space. This piece is about permission to step outside the boundaries of the set pathway, not allowing an abstract authority to dictate how we move through space. The irony is in having a sign that tells you nothing at all, and additionally is placed off of the set pathway, defeating the purpose of signage on moving through space.

Performance, Documentation Photography

Lex Hilderman
Calgary, Alberta