Spaghetti Western 
Calgary, Alberta
Spaghetti Western Masterpiece
By The Andy & Lex Associations+

“They were seemingly enemies, but were actually taking their shot with each other”

Spaghetti Western was an experimental film and photoshoot collaboration with Andy Rubio. Music from “The Good, the bad, and the ugly” (1966) directed by Sergio Leone, music by Ennio Morricone. Track VII: Chase (Inseguimento). It was submitted to the Calgary Stampede casting call.

Spaghetti Western Masterpiece - FULL VIDEO HERE Short Film and Modeling Collaboration with Andy Rubio.

Gender Expression
Calgary, Alberta
This is a compilation of photos taken in a photoshoot with Sean Dennie for the Calgary Animated Object Society. It exemplifies my work with clothing composition and costume.

Costume design and Modeling Collaboration

Roadrunner Vintage
Calgary, Alberta
This was a 70s Western style photoshoot with Roadrunner Vintage, Calgary, AB. Photos by Shane T. Rex. These images exemplifies my work with clothing composition and costume.

Costume Design and Modeling Collaboration

Holding Permanence
Calgary, Alberta
Holding Permanence explores my personal experience of being trans-non-binary and the ways in which aesthetics and adornment have impacted my experience of self on a day-to-day basis. Upon waking, I am introduced to myself again and again, transformed and requiring a new relationship to be built with myself that is unique to that day. Some days masculine, some days feminine, some days totally disconnected and disembodied, and others totally embodied and euphoric. This experience is transient, it is ever-changing, and the expectations to stay static and in one form feel like a million tiles, permanent and yielding to change. Seen here is a ceramic, chain-linked garment; each tile is uniquely made with fingerprints embossing their surfaces. The tiles are stitched together with copper chain links which support the piece when draped over the shoulders and clasped at the sides. Like armour that conceals and protects, it lays heavy on my shoulders unforgiving. The ceramic holds a permanence, an artifact of time, but here, the hard unforgiving material is made malleable, wrapping around, and remaining in dialogue with the body to which it was made for.

Holding Permanence - FULL VIDEO HERE
Mixed Media, Performance, Film

It Started With a Question
Calgary, Alberta
A segment written in conjunction with the Fem Assembly as part of F is for Fem zine, the central idea of Issue #2 was to use a book titled,Every Woman’s Standard Medical Guide,published by Greystone Press in 1948, as a source inspiration from which the Fems could respond, react, revise, rewrite, redo, etc. in the freshly reimagined zine pages you see here.

Resisting the Woman’s Position in Life highlights a segment from the Every Woman’s Standard medical Guide (1948). It recounts the personal life of one person, identified by the authors as a woman, and how her experineces in life exemplified an “othering” experience outside of what was deemed as normal for a woman under the patriarchy at the time. The so called “deviations” highlighted in the segment are described in negative light, not taking account of the varying experiences of sexualilty and intercourse, or personal relationships to body.

Embracing the Non-binary Position in Life gives response to the above segment. It takes the same structure and form of the segment, word for word, but adapts the vocabular to be gender-neutral using they/them pronouns and highlighting positive self-exploration and introspection, and finding ones own way through life.  

It Started With a Question, Issue #2, F is for Fem Zine

Lex Hilderman
Calgary, Alberta